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How to Make Your Copy Less Boring

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

The average person visits about 84 websites per day. We spend so much time consuming content online that after a while, it all starts to meld together.

Your website will quickly fade into the background if its content is not designed to reach out and grab your audience.

What can you do to spruce up your website and make sure it sets you apart from your competitors?

Mix Up Your Delivery

Remember, no matter how great the content is, a giant wall of text can be intimidating.

The same goes for content on your website. Visitors are looking to quickly learn whether or not your business can solve their problem, so present that information in an array of easily digestible formats.

Visuals and infographics are a great way to provide a high level summary of the products or services you offer. Video is an engaging way to not only quickly communicate your business’s mission, but also put a face to your company’s name and build trust with your prospect.

Keep Your Copy Energetic

Of course, you do still need some copy on your website. When it comes to creating interesting copy, there are a few basics to adhere to. First, you want to keep sentences and paragraphs short and snappy. Eliminate flowery prose and strings of unnecessary adjectives.

You also want to project a voice that is authoritative but approachable. You’re the industry expert, but don't talk down to your readers. Steer clear of jargon.

Lean Into Your Brand

Tone matters. Writing like a robot won’t win you any fans. Of course, your tone will depend on the industry you’re in. An accountant's website will have a more serious, measured tone than a party planner’s site. But whatever your voice is, communicating with it makes a big difference.

Adhering to this principle is true for all elements of your website, from your value proposition on your home page to seemingly minor or throwaway pages.

Every inch of your website is an opportunity to show visitors who you are and to build trust through a consistent message.

Tell Your Story

Think first about storytelling. Start with your brand’s value proposition: what problem are you on a mission to solve?

Great storytelling is not just engaging, it also allows you to guide your customers through their journey. Think about the way you want them to encounter your brand as a story with a beginning, middle, and end, then you can arrange your content in a way that nudges them down that road sequentially.

Create Valuable Content

Above all else, you must create valuable content. Your Content should establish your company as an expert in the field, provide answers and guidance in a way that none of your competitors can match, and give readers practical takeaways with actionable steps.

Content is anything and everything on your website. That does also mean your blog, but it also includes webinars, product guides, videos, podcasts, and your services. Get creative about the many ways in which you can share your knowledge with prospects.

The internet is saturated with information. If you’re providing content that meets a clear purpose which allows the reader to walk away and effect positive change in the world right now- that’s the kind of content that is highly interesting.

There are millions of businesses on the internet. With such a crowded field, sometimes it can be difficult to stand out. When you embrace your business’s personality, combine it with a little expertise, and use that to drive all of your choices as you create your content, it’s possible to build a website and write ads that will get you noticed.

As always, if you need help with copy or anything related to digital marketing, fill out the form on our contact us page, or shoot us an email and we'd be happy to help. Mention this blog post for a free consultation.

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